About US

Why eLearn Gurukul EDUCATION


E-Learn Gurukul is established for online teaching and learning through live video sessions from your comfort place by the native organization, Red & White Multimedia Education which was founded in 2008 and has successfully trained and placed students more than 18000+ through its education centers in 5 different areas and also expanding more.

Our Mission

In this upcoming Digital Generation, Using e-Learning and Online Education Platforms students should have all the knowledge in their hand and Every student can learn easily on their own way even from their own place and in a suitable time without going anywhere and every Student can build their International career in their interested fields.

With Parent Partner......

Daily Life of studying at eLearn Gurukul

Our students learn with his own rules of learning with a cup of coffee where no one is there to interrupt or disturb them, not even judge and make laugh of their questions. They learn for an unlimited time what they want and connect live with their favorite instructor to get help in solving any problems. They enjoy learning here because there are no theories and blackboards that scares them, only practical and live.

See our Best Skill

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Received a Signingsheet

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Plush of eLearn Gurukul


Smart Teach

Connect with your professor live to solve any doubts and get a better result.


Smart Skill

Develop your skill by Practicing Practical examples rather than theoretical


Global Reach

Learn the Courses to shape you International Career.


Skill Instruction

Learn from the highly experienced and qualified professors to enlarge the Knowledge

What we do ..?


Design The Courses

The market requirement is our universal center for designing the course. We design the course that improves student’s skills and develops them in 360 degrees. from a child to an adult everybody can learn this course.


Provider Courses

A person who wants to develop his skills, want job post-increment, want to do side business as well new startup or have a desire of learning something new can purchase this course.


Examine your skills by giving Certificate

Certification is proof that you have given valid exams to check your skill level and you will get one here, after passing the exam in an appropriate way that will help you to apply for the job on your relevant skill level..